Masaru OGASAWARA / Principal

Born in Kanazawa, Japan in 1981. He began his career as an architect at Eizo Shiina Architect & Associates in Tokyo.

After working for John Beckmann of Axis Mundi and Bade Stageberg Cox Architecture in New York City, he established

his own Tokyo-based practice in 2011. He received his Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Mie University.



2004-08年 椎名英三建築設計事務所勤務.2009-11年 Axis Mundi, Bade Stageberg Cox Architecture (New York) 勤務.

2010年 Pratt Institute, ニューヨーク州立大学非常勤講師.2011年 小笠原優建築設計事務所設立.一級建築士.

Bade Stageberg Cox Architecture, New York   (2010-11)

2011    Current TV, New York

2011    Common Office, New York

2011    Tullamore Arts Centre, Tullamore, Ireland

2010    Times Square Valentine, New York

Axis Mundi, New York   (2009-10)

2010    Ark House, Montana

2010    H2O Headquarters, Barcelona, Spain

2009    Townhouse Renovation, New York

Eizo Shiina Architect & Associates, Tokyo   (2004-08)

2008    S House, Yamanakako

2008    N House, Shizuoka

2008    K House, Tokyo

2007    Boutique La Tour d'Argent, Tokyo

2007    Akatsutsumi Apartment, Tokyo

2005    O House, Tokyo

2005    I Clinic, Yokohama


2012    Hypernatural, Princeton Architectural Press (USA)

2012    Hyland Magazine vol.11 (USA)

2012    Revel In New York vol.3 (USA)

2012    Beyond 013 (Hong Kong)

2011    Leaf Review (UK)

2011    Concept vol.149 (Korea)

2010    Great Wisdom in Small Space (China)

2010    C3 (Korea)

2010    jt 290, Shinkenchiku-sha

2010    jt 287, Shinkenchiku-sha

2010    The first decade of the century: Japanese Houses 2000-2010, Shinkenchiku-sha

2010    Clubism, Kanazawa Club

2004    Deploma Projects, Kindaikenchiku-sha